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Proudly offering Florida Minivan Rentals specialty vehicles, Dollar Rent A Car is trying to ensure you have the right vehicle for the right climate and situation. They also offer special service for the hearing impaired as well as a strict standard on the quality of car safety devices like airbags and child safety seats. Even more directly related with the car, Dollar offers cars to accommodate the physically challenged drivers with at least a one days notice.

Thrifty's Florida Van Rentals goal is to be the leading value oriented rental company in the world. As such, Thrifty has a major presence both in local and airport markets. The bulk of its focus is in the airport market though. Different from most renters, Thrifty offers a global positioning satellite system to help customers find themselves in the new area they are visiting. They also pair with many travel agents to help get you the perfect price on your rental car.

Budget Coupons is now part of the Avis Budget Group Inc, and maintains all the values of the Avis Rent a Car Corporation. They also put extra emphasis on providing customers with the best value cars they can find. All customers renting from Budget Car Rental can be assured they are getting the best possible rate for their car by shopping with Budget. They are also intensely dedicated to customer loyalty as Avis is and seek to keep the customer's business by going above and beyond the customers expectations.

Officially Avis Rent A Car System, is one of the leading car rental brands. Evident in its award for customer loyalty in the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Index for the last eight years, Avis Disocunts has proven itself to its customers. Avis is part of the Avis Budget Group, Inc and operates over 2,000 locations in the North America, Australia, and Central America. Avis is also in conjunction with the Avis Europe Plc which fronts an extra 2,900 Avis service stores in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

National Car Rental was formed by twenty-four independent car rental companies in the later 40's. They have been the pioneers of customer satisfaction since. Often on the edge, National was the first to incorporate computerized car rental systems which made renting a car easier and faster. They were also the first to propose the one way car rental in which customers picked up a car in one city and left it in another city. More recently, National Rental Car Coupons has incorporated the internet and allows people to completely bypass the rental counter by ordering online.

Alamo Rentals has always been dedicated to the fun of a vacation and accommodating leisure customers. According to this, they have always taken the extra steps to make sure the customer is enjoying their experience. Alamo is sure to allow the customer car choice and the most enjoyable renting experience at an office. Alamo has the largest rental plaza in Orlando, Florida, in the world. They also took advantage of the internet to create and even more relaxed environment for customers by allowing them to complete everything from home.

Rental cars lent by Enterprise Discounts Rent-A-Car are backed by a powerful pedigree. Enterprise boasts that they reach 90% of the American population by being within 15 miles of every neighborhood. Notably, Enterprise also has an immense number offices totaling a little over 7,000 in North America and Europe. By utilizing the local dealerships, Enterprise maintains an impressive stable of vehicles and a receipt in excess of millions.

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